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Each translucent spring rolls packed with greens, coriander and various combinations of minced pork, shrimp or crab. A southern variation has barbecued strips of pork wrapped up with green banana and star fruit, and then dunked in a rich peanut sauce — every bit as tasty as it sounds. This was an excellent show that depicts Vietnamese life in a most original way.

If we had 1 more night in HCMC, we would definitely have seen the show again. It came highly recommended by my niece who had watched the show earlier this year We would highly recommend this show. Only an hour long and very energetic. Well done to the cast. What an amazing show! It is a definite must see in Hoi An. The performers are so athletic and their skill is exceptional. It is fast paced and enthralling. A lovely touch is their willingness to be photographed afterwards whilst singing. The cheaper The cheaper seats are great - we were in the front row! I don't think we completely understood the story line, however the show was very well done!

It was organized, well performed and included everything from funny moments, to acrobatics, to dancing.

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The opera house where it is held is stunning and in a The opera house where it is held is stunning and in a very french area of Ho Chi Minh city. I wouldn't call it a must see, but anyone who enjoys performance art will definitely appreciate it and I'm glad we went. This universal Form of art is an overwhelming display of the essence of Vietnam's culture.

From the begining in natural atmosphere to the noisy urban-motorcycling. Beautyful poetic and HiPro Performance.

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This exceeded my expectations, which were not low. Both my year-old daughter and I really enjoyed this 1-hour show. Though we were certainly impressed by the performers, it was less "Aaahh" and "Ooohh" for us, and more interesting, fun and Though we were certainly impressed by the performers, it was less "Aaahh" and "Ooohh" for us, and more interesting, fun and entertaining.

Go and see the amazing ao show at the opera house in hochi min city.

Great venue and amazing show. Lets you in on some Vietnamese traditions with fantastic music and acrobatics.

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Not to be missed. My family and i absolutely loved this show was mesmerized and amazad at the tallents these people possess. Hope you bring your show to Hope you bring your show to Australia one day I went along with no expectations and I was blown away by the talent of the performers and the choreography.

A must see for people in the area. This is a wonderful 1-hour show, that includes modern acrobatics, Vietnam-style. The main theme of the show are traditional Vietnamese baskets and big sticks. While there is very little connection between the different acts, the enthusiasm of the dancers make up for it. We got seats C1 and C3, which are on the 3rd row of the theater they are called "Ohh" tickets.

The tickets were , VND apx. Notice that photography is not allowed during the show distractions from the audience might literally endanger the acrobats. Do not miss taking a photo with the performers when the show is over - the entire cast comes down to the entrance of the opera house and is more than happy to take photos and selfies with the audience.

Despite some noticeable flaws, this show reflected Vietnam's modern culture with quirky and cheerful atmosphere to it.

This show is recommended for families as this This show is recommended for families as this show have minimal to none verbal context, and at its core, a "new" type of circus. The Saigon show was splendid. It had a meditative quality. Haven't seen such choreography of late in India.

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The youthful energy was rewarding and inspiring. Lune Production Team. Lune Production. The online booking for this show is now closed. Please visit our Opera House Box Office at the respective city where you are to check available seats. Some say it was a mixture of the two. A dish that comes accompanied by a basket of herbs in the south or a vat of garlic vinegar in the north. Ironically, the restaurant soon became popular with the French aristocrats they wanted to oust. It was the perfect cover.

A nearly year U.

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The tofu comes fried. It can be ordered as you like, from fried a lot to fried a little. This slightly sweet rice noodle, prawn, and offal soup is an immigrant. It entered southern Vietnam along with an influx of Cambodians during the s. Variations were developed over the years—some dry, some wet, with subtle differences in ingredients, noodles, and stock. Grilled pork belly and minced pork patties are served in a bowl of fish sauce with sliced chayote and carrot.

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It comes with a plate of lettuce, perilla leaves, bean sprouts, herbs, and fresh cold white vermicelli. Street-level barbecues fire up daily from 11 a. For a sitting U. After all those years of invasion and conflict, the Vietnamese and their food had arrived on the global stage. When Gadhafi fell in , dreams of building the Switzerland of North Africa took hold—those dreams are now a distant memory.

With the mafia violence a thing of the past, fuel up on espresso and feast on all that Palermo has to offer. Edible History. Photo: Joel Whalton via Shutterstock. Photo: David Scott Holloway.