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Later, at Cerimon's house in Ephesus, two servants bring in a chest that was tossed on up the shore.

How It All Goes Down

It holds Thaisa and Pericles' note. Cerimon, however, uses an Egyptian ritual to restore life to her. Meanwhile, at a now prosperous Tharsus, Pericles stays 12 months with his daughter, then returns to Tyre, leaving Marina and Lychordia with Cleon and Dionyza. At Ephesus, Thaisa decides that since she'll never see Pericles again, she'll lead the life of a vestal virgin i. Gower appears to tell us that Marina has grown up and befriended Cleon's daughter, Philoten. Dionyza, however, is angry that Marina is more beautiful than Philoten, and plots with Leonine to kill Marina.

Mourning her nurse's death, Marina meets Dionyza who instructs her to walk with Leonine. He tries to kill her, even after she objects, but is interrupted by the pirates of Valdes who kidnap her. At Mytilene, the pirates sell Marina to a brothel, run by a Bard and her servant Boult. At Tharsus, Dionyza informs Cleon of Marina's supposed death and instructs him to tell no one the truth. They plan to claim Marina died in her sleep.

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Gowen then tells us Pericles sails to Tharsus with Helicanus to see his daughter, Marina, only to discover she is "dead". Pericles vows to never wash his face or cut his hair again, and departs for the sea, leaving Escanes in chard at Tyre.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre the play by William Shakespeare

At the brothel, Marina refuses to sleep with any man, and, in fact, she converts many of them to good. She even convinces the doorman Boult to convince her masters to let her change professions, using gold she had procured from the local governor Lysimachus.

Gower appears and explains that Marina now teaches music and educates the nobles' children, giving the profits to the Bawd. Pericles, now arrives at Mytilene, though actually, Helicanus leads the ship while Pericles hides, in grief, in the hold. Lysimachus the Governor of Mytilene greets them and tries to cheer up Pericles, to no avail. He suggests they have Marina try to cheer him up not knowing she is Pericles' long lost daughter. She arrives and sings to him, causing him to speak and ask of her origins.

She explains she is Marina, the daughter of a king, born at sea, her mother died, and she was raised by a nurse Lychordia at Tharsus. Pericles, though refusing to believe her at first, comes to realize she really is his daughter and rejoices. The Goddess Diana appears to Pericles in a dream and instructs him to go to Ephesus, where he will be made happy.

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  • Further, Lysimachus informs Pericles of his desire to woo Marina. Gower tells us of Pericles' journey to Ephesus. There, Pericles and Thaisa are united by Cerimon, and Marina is able to meet her mother. Pericles decrees that Thaisa and he will live in Pentapolis, since Thaisa's father Simonides has recently died, while Marina and Lysimachus will reign in Tyre. Gower closes by reviewing the play's morals and telling us the townspeople of Tharsus burn Cleon and his wife Dionyza in their palace as punishment for plotting to kill Marina.

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    Pericles, Prince Of Tyre

    It's quick and easy, click here. It was the only chance during my trip to go to the Globe. I would rather have seen The Tempest.

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    • I knew Pericles would be a modern production, but I had seen other plays in modern styles that I didn't disagree with. I tried to read it before going, but was pressed for time and only got halfway through. But I was able to understand the need for additions because the script we have today is incomplete.

      However, during this production I felt like I had gone to the circus. There were so many rope tricks and acrobatics in unnecessary places, that it severely overshadowed the story.

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      At one point Gower tried to explain that Shakespeare would've enjoyed such a production. I doubt it! Shakespeare liked spectacle but I always felt that the purpose of it was to move the plot along, which this wasn't. Shakespeare always seems to be more concerned with the psychology of his characters.

      In addition to this, there were just stupid mistakes by the director. They added an older Pericles looking on his younger self during the scenes, an aspect that I didn't disaggree with.

      However, the younger one spoke with a Mediterranean accent while the older one's was very British! In the meantime, Pericles has visited Tarsus and left Marina with Cleon, the governor of Tarsus, and his wife, Dionyza, who have undertaken to raise her. There is a sixteen year gap in the action. Marina is now a beautiful young woman. Dionyza is jealous of her and makes up her mind to have her killed. She instructs a servant to take her out in a ship and murder her but before he can do that she is captured by pirates. Cleon builds a monument to her. When Pericles visits Tarsus he sees the monument and falls into a pit of despair.

      The Continual Riddle of Shakespeare’s “Pericles”

      In the meantime the pirates have sold Marina to a brothel in Mitylene but she is almost immediately freed by the governor, Lysimachus. Pericles arrives in Mitylene and encounters her. He talks to her without at first knowing who she is. He soon recognises her, however, and there is a joyful reunion. Lysismachus proposes to Marina and she accepts him. Pericles then has a dream in which he is instructed to go to Ephesus. King Antiochus instructs his servant Thaliart to murder Pericles. Thaliart follows him back to Tyre. Pericles returns home and confides his revelations in his friend Lord Helicanus.

      His friend advises the Prince to travel abroad to escape before anyone comes to kill him. Meanwhile, the governor of Tarsus, Cleon, and his wife, Dionyza, bewail the state of famine. After fleeing Tyre, Pericles hears of their troubles and arrives with food to relieve them. Helicanus sends news to Pericles, warning him of Thaliart, so the Prince sets sail again. However, his ship is wrecked during storms at sea.

      Pericles is cast ashore, recovering to find a group of fishermen. From them, he learns of a forthcoming festival to celebrate the birthday of Thaisa, daughter of King Simonides. During this conversation, they also tell him of a jousting contest. The champion will win the hand of Thaisa giving away one's daughter during a contest must have been very fashionable back then. The fishermen bring up their fishing nets to find a rusty suit of armour, which Pericles takes to contend for the princess.

      During the contest, Pericles defeats five knights, becoming the champion. He is given a feast by Simonides and wins the love of Thaisa. Pericles remains at court for several months after his marriage. Then he hears news from his friend Helicanus that Antiochus and his daughter are dead, so he may safely return home. Pericles sets sail with Thaisa, now pregnant with his child, to reclaim his throne at Tyre.