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Regulation 2 provides that the Regulations commence the day after they are registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. The note following regulation 4. Regulation 4.

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As a result, item [1] omits the note. These duties may include a requirement that protective structures comply with specified Australian Standards - AS or AS Subregulation 4. However, Parts have been withdrawn by Standards Australia. As a result, item [2] removes the references to Parts of AS In addition to its search features, the HSIS also provides direct access to a consolidated list of all the classified substances contained in the HSIS database.

Health and Safety Issues at Work

The HSIS has been updated on a number of occasions since This date corresponds to a recent update of the HSIS. The existing note refers to an outdated website address for the HSIS. Item [6] replaces the existing note that follows paragraph 6. That note refers to an outdated website address for the HSIS.

This item replaces a reference relating to the sixth edition of the ADG Code with a reference to the relevant provision in the seventh edition of that Code. They enforce dangerous goods legislation and, among other things, determine what is and what is not a dangerous good. The Principal Regulations contain a number of references to Competent Authorities. For example, regulation 8. Further, failure to placard correctly when a Competent Authority has determined that goods are too dangerous to be transported will be a breach of regulation 8.

In these ways, determinations by Competent Authorities are given effect by the Principal Regulations. Additionally, the ACT now has its own dangerous goods statute, which needs to be cited. Items [13] and [14] amend references relating to the sixth edition of ADG Code and replace them with references to relevant provisions in the seventh edition of that Code.


This Commonwealth Act, which was enacted on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory, has been repealed. These items replace references relating to the sixth edition of the ADG Code with references to the relevant provisions in the seventh edition of that Code.

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Item [21] omits the note. It is not needed.

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Items [22], [23] and [25] remove references relating to the sixth edition of the ADG Code and replace them with references to relevant provisions in the seventh edition of that Code. This amendment changes an incorrect reference to the general definitions part of the Principal Regulations.

Item [24] replaces the reference in the note to Part 10 with a reference to Part Regulation 8.

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Item [26] omits regulation 8. Kohn authored, co-authored, or edited seven books on safety and industrial hygiene topics.

Fitting the Human

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Ergonomics and Safety Management Chapter 8. Fire Prevention and Protection Chapter 9. System Safety Chapter Managing the Safety Function Chapter Workplace Violence Chapter Terrorism Preparedness Chapter Hazardous Materials Chapter Transportation Safety Chapter Introduction to Extreme Weather Chapter Required Written Programs Chapter Resources on Safety and Health Appendix A. Anthropometric Data Index. It also covers such topics as organizing, directing, staffing, and evaluating occupational safety programs and procedures.

This new edition has been updated with the most current regulations and statistics.

It includes chapters on safety-related laws and regulations, hazardous materials, workplace violence, and terrorism. Highlights include information on the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals GHS ; chapters on industrial hygiene; and updated information on transportation safety.